The Third NSF EFRI-RESIN Workshop

Modeling Sustainable, Resilient, and Robust Infrastructure Systems


Champaign, IL, November 17-18, 2011


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Welcome to the official website of the Third EFRI-RESIN Workshop on Modeling Sustainable, Resilient, and Robust Infrastructure Systems, which will be held on November 17-18, 2011 at the I-Hotel and Conference Center on UIUC Campus, at Champaign Illinois. You can access information about the workshop, download material, and register online!

Sponsored by NSF’s Emerging Frontiers in Research Innovation (EFRI), Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructures (RESIN) Program, this workshop will allow all eight RESIN project teams as well as invited experts from across the nation to (i) finalize overarching metrics for sustainability, resilience, and robustness (SRR) of critical infrastructure systems, and (ii) promote implementations of these synthesized metrics in infrastructure system modeling across various application contexts. The principal objective of this two-day workshop is to finalize cross-disciplinary metrics of sustainability, resilience, and robustness, promote quantitative implementations of these SRR metrics across different engineering infrastructure application contexts, and strategize on means to overcome critical conceptual and computational barriers that are common across RESIN projects.  Additional objectives are to coordinate RESIN educational and outreach activities, and to discuss future opportunities and path forward for the RESIN community.  

This workshop builds upon the success of the past two EFRI-RESIN workshops to address infrastructure modeling challenges. The first “Workshop on Resilient and Sustainable Interdependent Critical Infrastructures” was held in Alexandria, Virginia on December 7-8, 2009, and the second “Workshop on Infrastructure Sustainability, Resilience, and Robustness” was held in Tucson, Arizona on January 13-14, 2011. These two workshops focused on the scoping of RESIN projects and creation of conceptual SRR definitions for infrastructure systems.

At the third workshop, each RESIN team will make presentations summarizing their modeling efforts to date. New concepts and broader definitions will be provided by invited experts to provide additional breadth and depth to the discussion.  Breakout sessions will be held to discuss topics such as SRR metrics, modeling, and engineering implications, and education, outreach and future opportunities.  An indicative list of topics is as follows:


Common definitions of infrastructure SRR: How to finalize the universal definitions of sustainable, resilient and robust infrastructure systems in a quantitative way? How to make sure that these definitions are common/specific enough for different infrastructures? 


Implementations of SRR: How to create new engineering standards and mathematical modeling frameworks for infrastructure planning and design? Is it possible, and how, to establish a common framework that can be applied to infrastructure systems in various application contexts? How to take into account common aspects across disciplines and their interactions?


Computational needs: What are the usual modeling and computation techniques needed to address SRR in the EFRI-RESIN projects? What are the common barriers? How can we eliminate these barriers? What are our experiences and lessons learned?


Educational and outreach: Initiating a dialogue about the education of public, critical infrastructure planners and managers.


Future opportunities and the path forward.

This workshop aims to create a synergistic momentum that will facilitate current research, educational and outreach efforts on infrastructure system modeling and advance new engineering standards and guidelines for achieving infrastructure SRR across multiple engineering disciplines. This will in turn have profound implications on achieving sustainable, resilient and robust interrelated critical infrastructures of the nation.

We look forward to seeing you in Champaign in November 2011!



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